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Friendly Neighbor Rentals is online agency for rental equipment and provides their equipment rentals in North Carolina. We have extensive range of equipment for rent. We have come up with moment for vendors and people who are interested to take our equipment on rent. Vendors will provide their tools to us and we will further rent their tools to people who do not have appropriate tools for their works.

Our equipment services in North Carolina provide you the financing options and emergency options 24/7. Within certain areas of North Carolina, we give pickup and delivery services at very economical prices.

You can browse our different products and can look for the exact equipment that is best for your industry and applications.

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Our Checklist – Tools and Equipment For Rent 

Our equipments are very powerful and efficient. You will notice upgraded performance of our equipment. We have very strong equipment such as Pressure washer, Pro contractor, Air Compressors, Lawn Care equipment, Recreational items and Trailers. All our equipments are verified by experts to ensure your hassle-free works and guide you to use our equipment in productive and safe manner.

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