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Friendly Neighbor Rentals provides you online platform for rentals equipment in Florida for your specific requirements of equipment. We have an extensive range of equipment for rent. We also have bright opportunity for vendors as they can rent their equipment to those who are in requirement with our help and can earn good amount of money.

When you are taking any special project but your machine underwent for repair then in this scenario renting equipment provides you solution. Your temporary requirement can be fulfilled by renting equipment. Moreover, if you are looking to ignore the cost of maintenance and insurance and you also do not have proper space for its storage then also renting equipment is wiser option for you.

Our services are available 24 hours and we also provide financing solutions in Florida for you. Feel free to contact us at friendly.neighbor.rentals@gmail.com

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Our equipments are very powerful and efficient. You will notice upgraded performance of our equipment. We have very strong equipment such as Pressure washer, Pro contractor, Air Compressors, Lawn Care equipment, Recreational items and Trailers. All our equipments are verified by experts to ensure your hassle-free works. The customer shall be held responsible for loss of any equipment

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