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Friendly Neighbor Rentals began in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic when a young man borrowed a tool from his neighbor because shops and stores were not available. Now, with the plan to help people in your community, you are able to create a free Friendly Neighbor Rentals account and list or rent tools and equipment from people near you!


Friendly Neighbor Rentals provides a platform for the average person to rent tools and equipment to and from people in their area. Many people have tools and equipment that they use once or twice a year and the rest of the time it is sitting collecting dust. While others do not have the tools or equipment to complete the tasks they are trying to accomplish. Friendly Neighbor Rentals provides an opportunity for both parties to accomplish something they want. As a vendor you will receive an extra source of income and provide others who do not have the proper tools or equipment a chance to accomplish their goals. As the renting party you will be able to accomplish the goals you have desired by renting the tools or equipment from the vendors in your area.


Friendly Neighbor Rentals uses a trusted service in PayPal to collect payments. As a vendor when your item is rented it takes 0-72 hours for the payment to be processed and complete, but the payment could be on hold for up to 21 days. To withdraw the payment earned from your product go to the “Payments” tab, in the upper right corner there will be a “Withdrawal” tab, simply click that to receive your payment once it is processed and complete. As the renting party to speak with the vendor before making a purchase use the “chat now” tab directly below the checkout tab.